Third Parites

Simple vendor risk management

Manage Key Information

Store all information required to know your vendor, including associated business processes, and tracking risk scores and types.

Monitor Reputation

Add your vendors website and social links to the system, along with their stock symbol so you can monitor them from a single location.

Run OFAC Checks

OFAC checks run real-time when you add company or contact information to the system, and the system re-verifies regularly after that.

Unlimited Contracts

Store all versions of all contracts so that you can keep track of how your relationship has changed over time.

Unlimited Questionnaires

Diligence Questionnaires, Risk Assessments, Score Cards, etc. are all questionnaires, and all easily accessible in a single place.

Unlimited Contacts

Add as many contacts as you need to a vendor, assign a role and keep as multiple phone numbers.


See all of the tasks associated to your vendor from a single location and be sure all of your activities are up to date.

Keep Detailed Notes

Expandable note section allows you to keep as much free-form detail as you need as your relationship evolves.

Unlimited Documents

Keep ancillary documents like marketing bordures, important emails, diligence materials in a single place for easy reference.