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Governance Risk and Compliance platform
made for Small and Medium enterprises.

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Gracen's platform provides insight into every aspect of your risk and compliance program, from Third Parties and Contracts to Incidents and Risks.

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports make it easy to see where you stand and share data with Stakeholders and Auditors.

360 View

It's Easy

The #1 complaint we hear from potential customers is that other systems are too complex and hard to use.

We solved for that!

Engage Your Managers

Share compliance management responsibility with your frontline managers and reward them with decision making insights.

Priced Right

We set our price lower than the competition, so it doesn't have to be a factor in your decision-making process.

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"With Gracen's platform we've gained complete control over our vendor relationships after a recent acquisition, and breezed through our first post-merger Fannie Mae MORA audit."

- Victor Yem

"Making the switch to Gracen has been a great move - It’s much more user friendly than our old system, and we saw a lift in our vendor and contract management activities from day one!"

- Laura Jeffery
SVP Operational Risk

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