Intelligent Contract Management

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Data - First

Contracts are more than just a PDF. The data pertinent to each contract is searchable and reportable.

Contract To Contract Links

Link contracts to keep track of parent-child relationships, and to see when a new contract has replaced and existing version.

Spend Analytics

Associate spend parameters with contracts and let the system notify you when you should consider re-negotiating terms.

Multiple Documents

Store as many files as you want with each contract to keep a complete history and picture of your engagement.

Critical Dates

Setup warnings to prior to renewal so that you can get ahead of a renegotiation.

No Limits

Store as many contracts and versions of those contracts as you need to maintain a complete picture of your vendor relationship over time.

Modernize Your Compliance With Gracen

It's time to get off shared drives and spreadsheets and on to a system that helps you see a return on your compliance program investment.

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